Everyday I'm shuffling

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London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club

London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club

The Game

Lane Shuffle

Originally played on the decks of transatlantic cruise ships, lane shuffleboard is a game in which two teams of players use long sticks called ‘tangs’ to push discs called ‘biscuits’ along a narrow lane into a scoring triangle at the other end. Players can hit a 7, 8, or 10 with each turn, with the team reaching 75 points first being the winning team.

Beware though, land in ‘the kitchen’ and you automatically lose 10 points. Touch a line and the points don’t count. Land in the ‘dead zone’ and your biscuit must be removed. Harsh, but definitely fun!

Book a Lane How to Play

Table Shuffle

Dating back to the 15th century, table shuffleboard in its earliest form involved players sliding a silver penny along a table. It became so addictive, Henry VIII decided to ban it for being too distracting. Thankfully that was then, and this is now!

Classic table shuffle involves two teams of players sliding weighted pucks along a 16ft long table into the score zone at the other end. Players can score a 1-4 with every shot or gain a 5 for the ultimate ‘hanger’ shot. Sounds easier than it is - it’s super addictive and gets the teams really fired up.

Snapback table shuffle also involves two teams, who take it in turns to slide their pucks towards the score zone. The winning team counts a total score for any pucks that are further advanced than the opponents furthest puck. Fast-paced, fun and sure to get that competitive spirit on show!

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