Everyday I'm shuffling

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Bacardi Masterclass - 10th October!

London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club

London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club

Lane Shuffle

How to Play

What's the score

At the end of each frame, count the points of the scoring biscuits and add the totals to the scoreboard, adding to the last frame’s scores as you go. The team that reaches 75 points first, WINS! And if you’re into a second game and the time runs out, the winning team is the one with the most points when the clock stops - simple!

A scoring disc can’t touch ANY line. Not even a little, and any disc that lands in the kitchen is worth -10 points.


Keep your biscuit on your side of the shooting triangle. Relax your arm straight at your side and let the tang hang loosely in ONE hand. Take two small steps forward and use the momentum to thrust your biscuit to victory!

Heckling, drinking and laughing is recommended.

WEAR visors, mesh caps, team uniforms, shell suits, pendants, cheerleaders - accessorise hard!

The Rules

Each team gets four biscuits.

The Yellow Team starts the game by sending a biscuit down to the scoring triangle at the other end of the court.

Then Black and Yellow alternate until all 8 biscuits have been played.